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worldly pleasures have always been my weakness..though timelessly I have decided to become a better me..none of those times have I succeeded.. I will blame no one but me for everything that has happened.. I had fun being loved by the one I love.. and god knows how much have I desired to feel the same way again.. I know I have not been the 100 dollar bill and not everyone likes me..but then again.. I like me..

January 3, 2011

not a resolution, more of an avowal

sometimes, there are times in your life where you are standing at a fork in the road... sometimes, there are times in your life when you are standing in a road that forks 1000 ways... and each of those roads splits in another 1000 directions... 

there are times when an infinity of choices present themselves to you... and when i say sometimes, i mean always... we always have an infinity of choices... but usually, we’re able to go through life without being forced to make a choice that is different... by default, we tend to make the choice to engage in a routine... get up at 10am, go to the cafe, go to work, etc., etc... it’s easy to slip into a routine – and make the choice to be conditioned... it is less often that we are forced to make a choice that means change...

anyway, i’m at the point in my life where i must make a choice that will put me down a different path... i’m being thrown from routine into unknown... i’m thankful for that, because it is in the unknown that i’ll grow... sometimes, you need a little push... i know things are going to change, and it will be big... the ideas of letting others be known to this change of my life is as mystifying as it is to let it be known to myself... i might say i'm not prepared, but when will i ever be, when will you ever be, you and i both know, you and i need a little push, that would be all...

* i dont know why, i cant upload a pic for tis post, personal reminder, get it uploaded!!

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