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worldly pleasures have always been my weakness..though timelessly I have decided to become a better me..none of those times have I succeeded.. I will blame no one but me for everything that has happened.. I had fun being loved by the one I love.. and god knows how much have I desired to feel the same way again.. I know I have not been the 100 dollar bill and not everyone likes me..but then again.. I like me..

December 8, 2010

architect <-> picasso

you are the architect of your life; you are the Picasso of your dreams... the future is yours to create... it’s very easy to forget that in each moment you have an infinity of choices – and just because you are in a certain patter of choices, doesn’t mean you can’t change it... if you are unhappy with something, then listen to that message.. examine what it is that you don’t like, and change it... change your patterns and you’ll change your experience...

it’s hard for people to take responsibility of their life – to know that this moment is how it is because of a series of choices... if you are unhappy with your life, it’s because you created it that way... that’s very hard for people to own... sure, there are certain situations that are beyond our control... someone might say, my father died when I was 8 and my mom is an asshole – that has created my life and I did not choose it... I’d say, of course you didn’t choose those situations, but you did choose how you would react to those situations, and you chose how you would move on from those situations... situations are external to you – but you internalize situations through your reactions and through the lessons you extract...

so, take responsibility for where you are... if you’re unhappy, it’s for a reason... it’s because of a decision or series of decisions that you made consciously or unconsciously... learn the lesson contained within that journey, and in this moment, make a decision that is new and different - a decision that will bring unbounded happiness to you, and thus, those around you...

you are the architect of your life; you are the Picasso of your dreams... the future is yours to create. 

 you choose your own path of life and be prepared for the consequences..