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worldly pleasures have always been my weakness..though timelessly I have decided to become a better me..none of those times have I succeeded.. I will blame no one but me for everything that has happened.. I had fun being loved by the one I love.. and god knows how much have I desired to feel the same way again.. I know I have not been the 100 dollar bill and not everyone likes me..but then again.. I like me..

July 21, 2010

welcome back

i have to say, the pleasure of pouring my ideas here had been wonderful, and all those entry that i posted had always been what i thought about others, how i disdainfully humiliate them..this time i have change, or so i believe, this blog will be about my principles, the funny things i encountered every other day, the books that i read, the people whom i meet (without judging them or bitching about them), this blog will be about personal diary, a diary that i dedicate to my friends and those who have always believed in me.. 

having all that being said, and having you guys knowing me, i cannot say that i will not use this blog as a medium of channeling my rage towards the world and the people of the now you must think of me as an undecisive, unchangeable, self-proclaimed diva.. but what i would dare to say is that you are in for surprises,i will try my best to surprise you..for those who have known me for quite some time, after reading my blog for some time i'm sure you will think less of me, just like what i have always said, "i'm not a 100 dollar bill, not every one likes me, but i like me," i will end the beginning of my new blog with my favourite quotation said by Abraham Lincoln, if i were two-faced, would i be wearing this one???this quotation has made my fateful search in looking for my lost identity much easier..

this is a three-faced me..

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    rindu blog kau.
    selamat berblog semulaa
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